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Where to next? Vietnam

We are often asked where our excellent relationship with the customer comes from. First of all, we all know that being a farmer is not a job but a real lifestyle that requires 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In order to be successful, you need perseverance, passion and a positive attitude.

Maintaining close contact with our customers allows us to understand and satisfy their needs: the secret is all about taking care of their cattle, their land and their work environment.

Precisely for all these reasons, the well-known company Th Milk in Vietnam has chosen to become our new customer a few weeks ago. Thanks to the collaboration with the CEO, Mr. Tal Cohen, together with the managers Gilad Efrat, An Vuong Pham and Cuong Hung Dao, Puli-Sistem had the opportunity to learn about a new territory but above all about a fast growing and well-structured company.
The fast development of the dairy sector in Vietnam corresponds to the strong growth of the Vietnamese economy and the demand for milk has been increasing since the 1990s.

And now let’s move on to the numbers… The Th Milk group covers an area of ​​8,100 hectares and is made up of about 8 parlors for a total of 29.000 cows, 15.000 of which are milking-cows.
We have installed 3 F71 MAXI systems inside a double parallel with 30 places. Today our teat-scrubbers clean and disinfect the cow’s udder in an exceptional consistent way and thanks to our brushes, the first milk drops, those rich in pathogenic elements, are automatically eliminated. This is the main secret of an invincible milk!

Last but not least, we are deeply honored to have been chosen by a large company like Th Milk.
Puli-Sistem is: quality, trust, fairness, something you can always count on!