Puli sistem: the milk production in the digitalization era

In many parts of the world, we are under a strong pressure for technologic innovation in the dairy (and not only that). This innovation gives several useful information in order to improve the efficiency and profitability of the farms.

All dairy farmers need to simplify and speed up the pre-milking routine, and at the same time, they require to take advantage from the data that our technology can offer.

In this field, we talk about “digital milk” to mean a method of milk production that involves the technology as the main key factor for the milk well-being and for the famers profit.

Research and technology

Puli- sistem is a pioneer in the technological innovation at the service of dairies.

From 1989 our research is at the service of dairies for the animals well-being and for improving the quality milk. From 1989, we’ve never stopped working and we’ve always looked for new solutions, innovative solutions of course. Still today, our clients are across the world. We partner with local dealers who have been trained with every step of the Puli-sistem process, from install to service.

Our products work in a “harsh” environment, you have sand, manure, urine and we know that even the best R&D lab cannot simulate what happens on a dairy farm.

For this reason, we think that having a network of loyal customers who are happy to try our new technologies is a strong point. Being proactive with break downs and unexpected events has been keys for us.

Puli-sistem have always created technologies to help farmers in managing their dairy, by reducing time and by improving their profit.
Technologies designed for the animals comfort and safety.

Results matter

Our technology is well known in dairies all over the world, also for the results that gets:

  • 39% time reduction in prepping time
  • 93% water consumption reduction
  • 20% increase of the milk flow rate kg/min
  • 58% microbial count reduction
  • 43% spores of anaerobes reduction
  • 78% Coli bacteria and mastitis reduction

Why choose Puli-sistem technology

For the several benefits that gets:

  • for cows – as the Puli-sistem prep system improves teat end hygiene by reducing significantly the number of bacteria and maximizes a proper udder stimulation
  • for milkers – thanks to an easy to use, lighter and ergonomic handle that improves work quality conditions and prepping consistency
  • for the dair’s profit – you will increase the number of cows milked per hour and you will eliminate the cost for towel and laundry
  • for family – the Puli-sistem method optimizes the pre and post milking times to the advantage of the resources used and the time you might spend with your family