Puli Sistem: the result of a lot of commitment and research

All over the world, these are particular months, and here at Puli-sistem we are intensifying the contacts with all our customers, through video meetings and calls.
In many cases, and we are glad to hear this, we are receiving many requests for information about our products, their performance, their result.

This interest, always renovated, in our technology gratifies us and motivate us to carry on with researches for new solutions, in order to improve the farmers’ job and their profit.

The F488 and the F71, are the products for which we’ve mainly received questions. Considering the interest in our products for the pre-milking routine, here below you find some information in order to recall you the service and advantages of our systems.


A consistent prep routine is really important for your herd in order to have a high quality milk. The F71 is the lightest teat scrubber available on the market.

Our system features a mechanical brush unit that gently washes, disinfects, stimulates and dries all in one visit to the cow. Cows receive superior stimulation and a consistent prep procedure, no matter who is milking.


  • Decreases milking times, actually you will increase the number of cows milked per hour
  • Reduces somatic cell counts so reduces the mastitis incidence
  • Ergonomic design, light and easy to use
  • Suitable for any kind of parlor, from small to big sized farms
  • Improves the milk quality and the milk flow

F 488

The F488 technology is patented and it is an outstanding product! With its 4 brushes it optimizes every step of the pre-milking process, improving stimulation and cleaning preparation, no matter the breed or size of cows teats.

The F488 provides an optimum level of pre-milking routine consistency from cow to cow, milking session to milking session, operator to operator and allows you to control the variables that cause ‘procedural drift’ in your milking operation.


  • Easy to use
  • Its no-slip grip guarantees the best grip ever, even on a wet scrubber
  • Improves work quality conditions
  • Guarantees an optimum level of consistency in the pre-milking process
  • Increases and speeds up milk flow rates, this means an increase in the milk production
  • Optimizes the costs

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