Puli-Sistem: the technology for dairies never gives up

In this particular historical period, here at Puli-sistem we have always kept working.
Come rain or shine, it is well known that dairies have always the same needs.
We understand that and for this reason we’ve never stop working for our farmers and dealers.

We’ve received so many calls and contact requests in these months: from USA, France, Austria, Germany. All these requests were from farmers and dealers who were looking for our technology in order to:

  • have a consistent pre-milking routine
  • control the water consumption
  • get useful data to optimize the resources in the dairy farms.

We can only be satisfied with your interest in our products.

While waiting for meeting you in person in the exhibitions or at your farms, we’re looking forward to have a call or a video conference with you, because there is always a way to reduce the gap!

Contact us:

T: (0039) 0374 66808