Puli Sistem: we know what data you need to optimize the resources in your dairies

Every week we receive several information requests about our technology from all over the world. These requests are from farmers and dealers interested in optimizing the resources in their dairies.

In over 30 years of experience and commitment, we’ve developed many technologies that you can have a look on our website. The technological research is our pride. We believe that only with an appropriate technology, it is possible to improve the profit of the farms and of course, we talk about a technology designed for the cows’ health.

This is our jumping-off point: the well-being of the animal, because only a healthy cow can produce a high quality milk.

Our last technological innovation, Control Unit, for example, is helpful in checking that all cows have been consistently prepped before the milking process. In addition, you can also collect many important data in order to improve the resources in the dairies, like:

  • How many cows have been prepped before the milking practice
  • Water consumption
  • Chemical consumption

While waiting for meeting you in person in the exhibitions or at your farms, we’re looking forward to have a call or a video conference with you, because there is always a way to reduce the gap!


T: (0039) 0374 66808