Puli Sistem: what our customers say about us

For a company like Puli sistem, who were born in 1989, the relationship with the customer is really important for expanding every day.

Our technological area is constantly working to design new technologies for making the dairy farmers life easier.

As of today, we’ve found, thanks to the feedback of several dairy farmers, that the benefits of the Puli-sistem technology are:

  1. improvement of the consistency of the pre-milking routine
  2. time reduction with a perfect hygiene before the milk letdown
  3. control of the work, thanks to the technology that provides many data about the time schedule
  4. increase in the milk production
  5. clear decrease of the mastitis

this is what comes to light during the phone calls, the emails conversation and the video meetings.
This long pandemic period has limited the contacts in person but the technology has shorted the distance, by allowing us to meet many new customers, interested in our products. This positive feedback has made us really glad and it is the best successful signal after many years of commitment.

Our Team is ready to resume their work and to meet you! In the meantime, visit us on our website: we will publish our new business presentation soon! Keep in touch!