Smart farms: how to increase the performance of dairies – Part 2

We’ve already talked, in our previous article, about the introduction of technology in the farms to increase their performance.

In our previous article we’ve talked about our Control Unit Wi Fi, we’ve told you how our system is innovative as it saves many useful data on the dairy remotely.

Managerial view of your dairy

The bigger farms of our customers, ask for a managerial view that includes new technologies essential to optimize the daily work routine and to increase the performance of each head of their cattle.

Why Puli-sistem technology increases the performance of the herd

The answer is really immediate and simple: the Puli Sistem technology is designed for the animal well-being and when the cows are healthy, they produce more high quality milk.


The fundamental scrubber for the pre-milking routine.
Easy to use, it needs zero maintenance, thanks to its new technology that satisfies the requirements of duration and profitability.

Puli-Sistem F71 carries out the pre-milking routine procedures in one easy step and it fits any farm size. The experience of our farmers, who work in the field, confirms that the use of our F71 decreases the cases of mastitis considerably.


Its four rotating brushes are ideal to clean and thoroughly disinfect every kind of udder.
Its ergonomic handle is completely renewed and it is made of new high quality material, in order to grant greatest performance in any work conditions.
Its no slip grip guarantees the best handle ever.

Thanks to its innovative design, it is possible to reduce by 90% the maintenance costs.

A healthy herd produces a good milk. You can increase the productivity of your dairy by adopting a managerial view of your job and you can always rely on the reliability of the Puli-sistem products.