Smart farms: how to increase the performance of dairies

Our long history is full of commitment and success all over the world. Since 1989, we have been taking care of research and technology at the service of farmers, in order to facilitate their works and to increase their performance.

How to manage a dairy

Several experiences, all over the world, have proven how the support of technology in dairies contributes to a better performance.
The farmers, our customers, keep confirming that the use of our systems has changed their working life. This has been like a transition in the management of the dairy in order to have a managerial view of their job.
The choice of cutting-edge products and systems for dairies allowed to optimize the management of the milking process, to save time and labor, with no waste and with no stress for the animal.

Actually, our focus is always on the well-being of animals and the launch of our Control Unit Wi-Fi, for example, has brought many outstanding benefits for herds.
We are talking about a very innovative technology.

Controls Unit Wi-Fi with remote control

A big success! A technology awarded with the Innovation prize, silver leaf at the 115^ edition of the Farm show in Verona. A big success, the result of hard work and commitment.


Our newest Control Unit Wi-Fi with remote control is a big help for farmers job, because it allows to remotely save many useful data about the herd, such as:

  • How many cows have been disinfected in each milking shift
  • How much water and chemical have been used
  • Data about possible malfunctions (some alarms can be solved remotely, like a temporary flowmeter failure)

This is only a part of the Puli-sistem technology that will allow you to move to a proper management of your dairy, so come back and visit us to know our F71 and our F488.