f71 installation

Another Successful Puli-Sistem Installation

We’re excited for another successful Puli-sistem installation, this one at Gaec Alpin farm in France, who milks 180 “Tarantaise” cows in a 26 stalls rotary parlor.

Thanks to our new F71, this farmer has greatly improved prepping consistency and he has eliminated laundry or paper towels. So no more towels in the parlor means that cost and time savings can be gained!

With this innovative prep system no other milking prep routine comes close to deliver the benefits that the Puli-sistem teat scrubber can achieve.

Our teat scrubbers are helping dairy farmers around the world improve health of their herds, speed up the milking routine, standardize the teat preparation process and improve stimulation of the cows teats.

The F71 hand held system is really light weight and provides consistency and efficiency within the pre-milking routine. It uses 3 rotating brushes which are manufactured from the highest quality food nylon and provide a long lasting usage of approximately between 10.000 and 15.000 cow washes.

In addition, the system uses a combination of sanitizer and warm water to effectively remove dirt and bacteria from the whole cows udder. Actually, you can rest assured that cross contaminations from cow to cow and from teat to teat are eliminated.

We have always designed the Puli-sistem teat scrubbers with cow comfort, clean and consistent milk production in mind. This is why our customer wouldn’t go back to the conventional prep method!