Teat scrubbers FAQ – 1

Choosing the right tool for improving your pre-milking routine is an important decision; that’s why we’ve assembled a list of the most common questions we get asked by farmers around the world.


How does the teat scrubber system help with cows stimulation and milk letdown?

The teat scrubber drastically improves tactile stimulation with more consistency to ensure the system will effectively stimulate every cow, no matter who is using it. With this massage, provided by the brushes rotation, you get a better cow comfort and consequently a more productive milk letdown.

Will I need to use towels with your system?

No, as the teat scrubber does the drying for you, which allows you to eliminate the cost of towels, washing machines and dryers.

What are the benefits for the milker by using the teat scrubber compare to the manual teat prep?

Generally, milkers are accustomed to the teat scrubber quickly, and within 2 weeks they are able to use it correctly. Actually, most milkers love our teat scrubbers, because thanks to this system, milkers will walk back and forth less often and no more straining their hands drying teats with towels. Overall muscle activity is reduced. In addition, our product is the lightest teat scrubber on the market and our ergonomic design and its comfortable handle make our system easy and pleasing to use.

How does the teat scrubber help improve SCC counts?

The teat scrubber helps improve Somatic Cell Counts by eliminating the organic material from the teats and using highly effective disinfectant solutions that kill most pathogens (causing mastitis) quickly. Our teat scrubber optimizes the teat cleanliness, in particular the teat end health.