The Customer is the Focus

Nowadays the market is really competitive, the commodities and manufacturing sectors are already developed, so we have to focus all our efforts and considerations on the customer instead of on the product.

Of course, the goods have to be innovative, of high quality and efficient, but above all, they have to be considered by the customer as a unique and personalized product.
The client is our focus for the care and the support we are able to give him/her: before, during and after the sale.

It is for that reason that Puli-sistem is always ready to upgrade the products and to research new solutions to meet the farmers needs, that constantly change.
In order to completely understand these needs we are, all the time, favorably disposed to listen and embrace the suggestions of our customers and collaborators.

Take, for example, the visit of last weeks of our Canadian dealer Rob and Lisa Krijnen. Dealers, but also and above all, partner and friends of us.
Thanks to their long trip from the cold Canada, we could talk face to face about some improvements we had to make on our systems.
These were very fruitful days, spending hours and hours in our lab for researches and tests.

The result?
Essential information for manufacturing systems always more cutting-edge, that make the customer more satisfied, committed and confident.

And, since Puli-sistem is a big family, we tickled the appetite of our Canadian friends with yummy tastes of Made in Italy specialties.