The digital revolution in the cattle breeding

We are experiencing a revolution in the digital technology concerning the dairy sector.

We all agree that the Internet Technology will simplify the labor of thousands of farmers, by affecting their profit positively.

The new digital projects will allow the farmers to monitor the herds and to optimize the final production with an improvement of the cost-benefit ratio.

Here at Puli-sistem, thanks to our innovative Control Unit, we offer a digital support to our farmers. Actually, with our new Control unit, we let a continuous and in real time monitoring of the animals with really useful data concerning the pre-milking routine.

Our newest technology collects data like: how many liters of water and product have been consumed for each milking, the number of cows prepped per milking. All this information is filed and used by the famer in order to choose the best strategic planning to manage the parlor.

Actually, our customers who are already using our Control Unit, confirm that this digital support is really helpful for managing their farms.