cows, F488 Opti-prep System

The F488-OptiPrep™ System (part 2)

The Optimum Hygiene and the Optimum Efficiency of the F488-OptiPrep System.

There is a long list of reasons to feed our teat scrubber as part of great dairy program and here below you find two important incentives for choosing our teat scrubber.

Optimum Hygiene

The F488-OptiPrep System offers the two most powerful and cost effective pre-milking hygiene options available:

  • O3Zone PREP (an Ozone based hygiene process)1:
    • The O3Zone PREP system produces Ozone on-site, whenever it is needed for your pre-milking hygiene needs;
    • Ozone is one of the most powerful disinfecting agents on Earth, and also one the safest pre-milking hygiene tools you could use on your cows;
    • Ozone is effective against a wide spectrum of mastitis causing organisms, including gram-positive / negative bacteria and viruses;

103Zone Prep systems are available for dairy installations that have water sources that meet the requirements to effectively produce Ozone on-site. 


  • The OptiPrep Bi-component Blender:
    • Like Ozone, many bi-components chemical disinfectants have been proven to be an extremely effective pre-milking hygiene solution;
    • These chemicals are known for their wide spectrum and fast acting bacterial kill making them a perfect fit for pre-milking hygiene requirements;
    • The F488 OptiPrep Bi-component Blender produces the disinfectant solution on-site mixing proprietary Activator / Base formulations;
    • The specially generated pre-milking solution provides the optimum amount of both cleaning and disinfecting agents;
    • The on-site generation of disinfectant solution dramatically reduces operational costs due to lower packaging and shipment costs.


Optimum Efficiency

Pre-milking operational efficiency plays a large role in the overall profitability of a dairy. Parlor efficiency is critical to the profitability of all dairies regardless of size.

f488 in action

A recent study showed the pounds of milk harvested per parlor stall per hour is one of the three most important factors influencing a dairy’s profitability. If a dairy can milk one additional parlor side per hour, the financial impact is huge, and labor costs and capital costs remain the same.
For example, if you have a double-24 parlor and milk 24 more cows per hour (One side), this means you will milk 168 more cows in a seven-hour shift. If the cows are giving 80 pounds a day at $18 milk, this will increase your annual income by $880,000!

How it works

The brush guard protects against cow tails and operator clothing being caught in the brush system.
The bi-directional Puli-PREP solution ports optimize teat hygiene from teat top to teat end!
The easy to open brush guard minimizes brush replacement times and servicing costs
The patented 4-Brush scrubber optimizes cleaning and stimulation from teat top to teat end!While the various teat scrubbers may look similar on the outside, they are completely different on the inside!

f488-4brush-scrubberf488-table-2The F488-OptiPrep System was the first teat scrubber on the market allows a parlor manager the ability to set the following parameters:

  • Pre-milking “hygiene solution” volumes
  • Total brush “stimulation/operation” on-time
    • Brush “cleaning cycle” on-time
    • Brush “drying cycle” on-time

Check it out! Puli-sistem scrubber often imitated but never duplicated!