Helping you to better harvest your milk crop

The F488-OptiPrep™ System

Helping you to better harvest your milk crop

The F488-OptiPrep System

Optimize your milk harvest through improved consistency in your pre-milking procedures; every cow, every milking session and with every operator!

The F488-OptiPrep™ System is designed and built by the original developer of the pre-milking “scrubber technology”.  This new breakthrough system incorporates all of the elements needed in optimizing your pre-milk routine:

  • Optimum stimulation
  • Optimum consistency
  • Optimum hygiene
  • Optimum efficiency

= Optimum Milk Harvest

Today we will address the first two elements for optimizing your pre-milk routine, namely the Optimum stimulation and the Optimum consistency.

Optimum Stimulation:

Research has proven that proper udder preparation and stimulation provides three optimum outcomes:

  1. A faster, more complete milk-out
  2. Higher milk yields over a lactation
  3. Lower operational costs


The F488-OptiPrep scrubber’s patented 4-brush technology optimizes every step of the pre-milking process, optimizing stimulation and cleaning preparation, no matter the breed or size of cow teats, from teat top to teat end.

A chart below compares “No Prep”, “Full Prep” and “F488-OptiPrep” routines, showing the effect of stimulation on milk letdown time and production levels.


Optimum Consistency:

Cows love routine and will reward operators that provide it! Research has documented a 5.5% increase in lactational milk yields when a standardized milking routine was followed compared to a variable routine.1

Using the F488-OptiPrep teat scrubber system provides the optimum level of pre-milking routine consistency from cow to cow, milking session to milking session, operator to operator and allows you to control the variables that cause ‘procedural drift’ in your milking operation.

The F488-OptiPrep system delivers a consistent and optimum level of the following pre-milking routine elements, set to your individual herd and management requirements:

  • The volume and strength of your pre-milking hygiene solution;
  • Teat / teat end stimulation and cleaning;
  • Teat drying

The F488-OptiPrep system puts you in control of all of the pre-milking routine elements that influence the harvesting of your milk crop, and not only control the process, but optimize the results!

Stay tuned on our blog and don’t miss our next article about the optimum hygiene and efficiency of our F488-OptiPrep System.