Cleaning and care for healthy animals

The focus towards udder hygiene is essential to keep the nipple healthy, reduce the impact of mastitis and maintain a low number of somatic cells.

The result can be achieved with an appropriate pre and post – dipping strategy that guarantees:

  • Teat cleaning (pre-dipping)
  • Disinfection (reduction of the bacterial load of the external environment of the nipple)
  • The integrity of the nipple skin (thanks to the emollient and healing substances)
  • The creation of physical barriers that make the action persistent (post-dipping filming products)


These are products that are used after milking to create an environment with a lower bacterial load close to the nipple and at the same time improve the health and skin structure. These products have to be used with the specific CUPCAP cup.

And now let us introduce our Dip & Spray system, which will offer you even more effective hygiene inside your post – milking routine.

Dip & Spray is an automated system for covering the cow’s teats with liquid or film, bi-component or monocomponent chemical products. It works with compressed air and allows to either dip teats or spray for a complete and hygienic teat coverage. Easy to install and simple to use, it drastically reduces the risks of bacterial contamination of the nipple after milking which remains physiologically open for about 45 minutes after milking.

The ergonomic handle of our dosing gun helps to make the post-milking operations easy and more efficient. In addition, thanks to our redesigned dip cup and spray gun, we will provide to the farmer a cost-effective post milking procedure, as our system delivers the chemical solution exactly where it is needed, with no wastage.

Puli-Sistem’s constant commitment to a truly innovative technological research has two fundamental goals that we can’t forget:

  • helping farmers to produce high quality milk
  • keeping animals healthy.