puli-sistem benefits to your milking routine

The Puli-sistem family keeps growing

One more step

The Puli-sistem family keeps growing!
Companies who trust in the efficiency of Puli-sistem products are more and more numerous.
Holm&Laue, a German company focused on the calf well-being, and Mr. NeJc Dolenc, a farmer from Slovenia, are the new members who will help to spread the idea of the cows well-being related to our products.
Last weeks our staff installed our flagship product, both in the new model and in the old model, that is efficient and effective anyway.

After the Germany…

In the freezing Germany our F488 has been installed in farms with different parlors: a double parallel 24+24; a 60 stalls rotary. With a herd average between 1.200 and 1.550 cows.

And the Slovenia…

In Slovenia, Mr. Dolenc likes better our “traditional” F60 for taking care of his 90 cows and for making the pre-milking routine more consistent in his herringbone 6+6.
In both trips, we have proved that our system is suitable to any kind of milking parlor and it does a really good job, no matter the farms size.

We are looking forward for getting in contact with you

You can witness the Puli-sistem difference as well, you can witness the benefits that our products bring to your milking routine. 
Check it out! A deep hygiene, in order to avoid any bacteria on the teats cows, drastically reduce the mastitis risk.
We need only 3 components for telling you how many scrubbers you will need in your parlor:
The number of cows you are milking
The size of your parlor
Where you are located, so we can send you the closest dealer’s information
So…don’t waste time! Get in contact with us, and start using the Puli-sistem products.
We will prove that our products results can change your opinions.