The Puli-Sistem teat scrubber is better than the conventional pre-milking method?

Preparation of the udder prior to milking is an important process in the harvest of high quality milk.

A successful dairy operation links to produce as much high-quality milk at the lowest cost possible.

If you ask 10 farmers to share their milking procedure you’ll probably get many different answers. But the goal is the same: always milk clean, disinfected and dry cows that are properly stimulated.
Actually, a standard prep procedure consists of: forestrip, predip, wipe and dry the teats. Both conventional and teat scrubber method follows these steps, but with our teat scrubber you reduce that procedure to only several seconds of prep.
So we can say that the Puli-sistem teat scrubber process is better than conventional methods?
Even if both methods reduce the somatic cell counts and drop the mastitis cases, our teat scrubber standardizes the teat preparation process in a shorter time. With the Puli-sistem teat scrubber you can rest assured that every cow is prepped the same every time she comes in the barn.
It’s important that the same pre-milking routine is followed for the first cow, the last and every cow in between. The problem with consistency is people do the milking and people are not prone to consistency. It’s obvious that when milking staff is fresh, they treat better the first cows rather than they prep the last cows when milkers are tired and eager to go home.
So our technology is one way to achieve a more consistent and faster pre-milking process that will give you clean cows and high quality milk.
Look at the pictures below showing you how we improve every farm we touch!

Conventional method (2)
Conventional method

Conventional method
Conventional method

Puli-sistem teat scrubber (2)
Puli-sistem teat scrubber

Puli-sistem teat scrubber
Puli-sistem teat scrubber