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The Tri-blending. A revolution in on-site hygiene technology.

The Tri-blending System provides a complete array of on-site hygiene solutions using any bi-component chemical products.

The Tri-blending System has the ability to independently monitor and produce specified formulations on-site, accurately and consistently, providing unequaled reliability and economics.
The Tri-blending System independently monitors and produces two or more chemical formulations, blended on-site, using the site’s potable water source. This dramatically lowers the costs of producing high volume pre and post milking hygiene products by reducing time, packaging, warehousing and shipping costs, at the same time increasing the strength and stability of the on-site products.

How does it work?

The Tri-blending System is truly unique and uses specifically formulated solutions (called precursors) for the blending of proprietary formulations that fulfill a wide range of on-site hygiene needs, from water treatment and facility hygiene, to pre and post milking teat preparations. One system, producing specific formulations on-site, for a wide range of hygiene applications!
The Tri-blending System uses a patent applied for system and process, in which each precursor is individually pumped into a system measurement vessel, and then released into a separate mixing vessel that is pre-filled with a specified volume of potable water. This process creates individual batches of RTU products. The precursors, when mixed together with water, are designed to provide the optimum germicidal protection essential for the specified hygiene use.

Pre-Milking Hygiene – OptiPrep RTU:

OptiPrep RTU is a mixture of Activator and Base, designed specifically for use within the Puli-OptiPrep System. The Tri-blending System has the ability to accurately and reliably produce the required product strength of chemical solution, pre-set to the facilities required needs.

Post-Milking Hygiene – OptiPost RTU:

OptiPost RTU is a mixture of Activator and Base, designed specifically for post milking applications. The Tri-blending System measures each of the formulation’s components, within individual volumetric vessels, that blend together with water in the system’s mixing vessel. The Tri-blending System allows each site to set their own disinfectant strength matched with their teat conditioning needs.


how tri-blending works