Towards the antibiotic reduction in the dairy

The Agriculture boards and the Healthcare system of the Parliament, in March 2016,decided to reduce the use of drugs in the italian dairies.

Nowadays the issue is not about a prohibition of the application of drugs, but we have to adopt an approach based on a “conscious use”. An out of control use of these drugs in the human and animal medicine has important biological consequences, as it can cause a growth of strong bacteria that affect the health.

The use of antibiotics in the zootechnics is an important matter that we have to discuss with more general background, with reference points such as:

  • the personal health
  • a consideration about the industry,
  • the public health
  • the environmental sustainability in a new concept of One Health.

In a viewpoint where the prevention for the human health starts from the well-being of the bred animals, we can see a growing attention, all over the world, in order to make animals live in adequate conditions. Actually, we can notice an increment of herd who graze or semi pasture in the mountains grasslands, where the big areas allow it.

The culture of the “good practices” is propagating, and it is in accordance with a modern point of view of the zootechnics, based on a study of “strategy for the animal well-being”, that makes the herd more resistant to the diseases outbreak.