Verona Show, a big success with the Puli-sistem Control Unit

Verona Show, a big success with the Puli-sistem Control Unit, certified Industry 4.0

We’ve just got back from the Farm show in Verona that took place form March 2nd up to 5th 2022.

This exhibition has been an opportunity to launch, also in Italy, the Puli-sistem technologies, that are already well-known in several countries all over the world.

In particular, we have introduced our “famous” F71 and F488 together to our newest Control Unit Wi-Fi certified 4.0.

Our products have achieved resounding success and big interest, both from long-standing Italian customers and from foreign customers coming from Africa and India.

A big success, especially for our Control Unit Wi-Fi certified 4.0, that has deserved the Innovation award, Silver leaf.

These years, built with a lot of work and commitment, has started bearing fruit also in Italy, our native country, and this makes us so proud.

The International visitors we met at our booth have appreciated the several advantages of our Control Unit Wi-Fi, as it allows to remotely gather very useful about the management of your dairy, like:

  1. Number of disinfected cows for each milking shift
  2. How much chemical and water have been used
  3. Data concerning possible malfunctioning (some troubles can be resolved remotely, like a temporary failure of the flowmeter)
  4. Our newest Control Unit Wi-Fi with remote control and certified 4.0 allows a 40% deduction of its price as it is certified according to the parameters of Industry 4.0.

Thanks to the success in Verona, we hope in a future distribution of the Puli-sistem technologies also in Italy.