We are always here for you

Hey folks, you are getting in contact with us always more frequently, from all over the world, just to have information on our products.

We are really glad to reach you in every corner around the world, thanks to our website and with our news.

Check it out! We are always here for you, it doesn’t matter how far you are, Puli-sistem is all the time at our customers disposal.

We receive many requests asking if in the respective country there is a Puli-sistem dealer. And in many cases we can say “Yes, of course!”.

We have signed many commercial agreements with local dealers in several countries.

But don’t worry, if in one area there is no dealer. Write us and we will give you all the answers you are looking for and we will find a solution to meet your needs. Everywhere you are located.

Actually, in every country we land, we always try to create a dealers network. We know how it is important for our farmers to have a dealer close at hand, who installs and maintenances our systems.

The wellness of your cows is important to us, in whatever farm all around the world.

Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible and exhaustively.