welcome f71

Welcome F71

What’s new with the moos?

Welcome F71! Innovation, Reliability and Efficiency at your service!

Cow health starts at the teat. Healthy teats come from good prep procedures. 

And here at Puli-sistem we can do all you need for healthy teats. So, after almost 30 years of activity we are proud to introduce you to our newest product: the F71 teat scrubbing system. 

This is a refined and improved version of its precursor, the F60, and a really must-have in every milking parlor that looks to increase efficiency and profitability.

The Puli-sistem F71 is a hand-held teat scrubber that consists of 3 brushes. The bottom bigger brush cleans the teat end while the two smaller, side-by-side, brushes clean and massage the top and the side of the teat. In addition, the system uses a combination of sanitizer and warm water to efficiently remove dirt and sand, while providing a fast stimulation.

Experience does make the difference and our F71 is the proof of it.

Please, look at the video here below and do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information you might need!