Welcome to Belarus F71!

Summer is approaching and these last few months have been very intense in terms of work but our effort is always rewarded by the great satisfaction expressed by our customers.

Today we want to share with you all, the success of a new installation in Belarus, thanks also to the collaboration with Mr. Dimitry and Mr. Aleksander of the “Zao Westfalia Service”, our new dealers.

The company “Ostromechevo” and its staff milk 500 cows inside a 40 GEA rotary stall.

Thanks to the installation of our F71 TOP we have achieved many important benefits:

  • Benefits for cows thanks to the perfect cleaning of the final part of the teat, with reduction of bacteria and optimization of udder stimulation;
  • Benefits for those who milk (in this case they are all women), because the light and ergonomic handle of our teat-scrubber minimizes fatigue but above all increases the uniformity of the preparation in the pre-milking process. And that’s why everything is done with better milk quality in mind.
  • Economic benefits: lower operating costs, increase of number of cows milked per hour, elimination of costs for wipes and laundry services.

One of the greatest satisfactions is making our customers happy and that’s what drives us to invest in technological research, because your cows’ well-being and health is important to us!