Milking Machine Cattle Dairy: What’s New

Puli-sistem meets your dairy profit needs with the latest in the pre and post milking operations.

Now we offer you a whole new variety of products, designed to prep your cattle in a consistent way and make the best out of your herd.
The teat scrubber has been our flagship product since 1989. The F488 is a completely renewed version of our original F60 teat scrubber.
Look at the main advantages of the F488 compared to the F60:

  • 4 Brushes instead of 3. This means a better cleaning action with the teat end cleaner than before.
  • Improved mechanics. The gears and the bearings are entirely sealed from dirt, sand and water. This means that the machine needs much less maintenance than before, we might as well say that it does not need any maintenance at all.
  • The trigger switch is an air switch, meaning that the scrubber is activated by air and so there is no voltage at all in the handle.
  • Renewed PLC. The control box includes a bigger PLC, easier to use and with higher quality components.
  • Re-designed brush cover. There is no tools needed to change the brushes. You have only to unscrew the red nut, placed in front of the cover, for replacing the brushes.

The F488 with his new friends will be the key to success for your dairy farm.
It is believed that high quality milk comes from healthy cows. With our new product line, you can rest assured! Our articles are the best choice for the routine of your milking parlor and consequently for your cattle.