When cows were called by their name

Puli sistem has a long history of over 30 years, that arises from the desire to facilitate farmers job and for cows well-being.

Without a doubt, who works with herds wants to have all the heads in good health. Here at Puli-sistem we daily take care of technology research, but also we look at researches about our sector. In that sense, we’ve noticed a research that has intrigued us and we would like to share it with you.

Do you know that if you call cows by their proper names, you will increase the milk production?

There is a scientific research claiming that cows treated with “personal” care would be happier in releasing milk. Cows called by name would produce additional 258 liters of milk in comparison to cows treated differently.

This research from the University of Newcastle, England, has been carried out thanks to the collaboration of 516 dairy farmers who has changed their behavior for the animals well-being. (*)

Doctor Catherine Douglas, who has conducted the research, has declared: “Call cows by their names helps both in the relationship between farmer and animal and both in the milk production, by increasing it”. In addition: “The cows in this way feel more relaxed and happier”.

As you can see here our long history arises from countryside, and from the desire to help farmers in their job and for cows well-being.

Our technology today helps farmers all over the world, but another important thing is that the results of our customers go at the same speed of the well-being of their herds.

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