When there were milking worldwide championships

Our history is the history of land lovers and of those who live in the countryside. Our research comes from this world.

Until 2016, hand milking worldwide championships used to exist. They took place in Italy, with the participation of about forty cows and their owners.

Despite the festive mood of the event, there was a great attention to the rules. During the competition, every competitor, in fact, was supported by a “judge of teats”, who reported possible irregularities.

Competitors from Italy, but also India, Switzerland and Romania took part at the manifestation, with organizers’ great surprise. There were funny anecdotes like “the cow who refused to be milked”.

The intent of the manifestation was to promote mountain areas.

Times have changed, but we hope that love for the territory and for animal welfare will survive.

Cows’ welfare according to Puli-Sistem

Puli-Sistem staff believe that cows’ welfare must be a priority, both we talk about small farming and big farming.

We work in a technological field, so what do technology and animal welfare have in common? According to our mission, the main purpose of the technological research we pursue for over thirty years is to prevent cows’ mastitis, and to prevent inflammation that comes from a poor hygiene of the mammary systems.

The prevention of mastitis is one of the main reasons that made us create our brush F488, a worldwide patent whose rotating brushes are ideal for washing and cleaning every type of teat. Its non-slip grip guarantees the best handle and improves the quality of work and the constancy of preparation.

Come and discover everything about F488.