“With our cattle comfort solutions” you will enhance your bottom line.

It is well known that cattle kept in a comfortable barn produces more milk and live longer and healthier lives.

During our 27 years of activity, we became more aware that a better herd comfort means more productive cows and an optimal bottom line.

Highest quality milk comes from happy and healthy cows!

We are proud to announce you that our F488 is surrounded by many new friends: latex and rubber mattresses, rubber mats and fans.

With this new variety of products, your cows will behave the same they do on a green and ventilated pasture. Thanks to our fans, your cattle can rest and ruminate in a fresh barn.

Are you doubtful? Don’t worry! “Our cattle comfort solutions” speak for themselves.

As we know how your herd well-being is important for running a profitable dairy business, we have developed this product line for every type of cow.

As the F488, these new products are made of high quality materials and with a great maintenance costs reduction.

Check it out! Happy and healthy cows are more productive!