World Ag Expo, February 9-11, 2016

World Ag Expo, February 9-11, 2016

This was our thirteenth time in California, and this year we were more than satisfied: our booth, located in the Farm Credit Dairy Center, achieved resounding success.

Once again, we have reached our goal!

It is always nice to see how our visitors are astonished by the quality of our products!

During our 20 years of activity, we have been searching more and more efficient technologies and here are the results: durability, reliability and almost zero maintenance are characteristics that stand out in all our product line, from the F488 to the revolutionary Ozone Generator.

Check it out: now, our products are also supplied in Arizona, California, Idaho, New Mexico and Texas, thanks to David Acedo, our new dealer.

It is always a big pleasure to meet you, farmers! We had an amazing time that we spent together! We want to say a big thank you to all you guys, for stopping at our booth!