World Dairy Expo 2019: Lots of news and great satisfactions!

As every year, we cannot miss our yearly event of October: “WDE” in Madison, USA.

“World Dairy Expo” is a worldwide dairy fair that lasts 5 days to promote networking and the sharing of new technologies and ideas.

Taking part in this fair is a reason to support our USA distributors and stay in touch with the market by talking to dealers and farmers.

Having the chance to meet in person with dairy producers also provides valuable feedback for our company: they tell us what we’re doing well and suggest where we can improve instead. These interactions give us valuable insights on the progress of Puli-Sistem on the market.

Our mission is to offer innovative technology and an accurate service to improve the business of the farmers and the hygienic-sanitary conditions of their herd.

Scroll through the album to see how we spent time at WDE 2019!