group of cow in cowshed

You could tell the cows were ready to milk as soon as the scrubber was done…

Mark Rovey
Owner-Dairy Manager
Ponderovey Jerseys and Watusis

We milk approx. 2,000 jerseys, about 9m ago we put in the Puli-Sistem scrubber with ozone.

The first thing we saw was consistency– milk letdown right away. You could tell the cows were ready to milk as soon as the scrubber was done, that was probably my favorite part, that and the consistency from milker to milker. There was no difference in prestripping or pre-treating with iodine or wiping, it was all consistent with the scrubber.

The next thing we saw was a somatic cell reduction, so far we’ve been about 50k lower than the average for the same time last year, so that’s been a good part of it. Also the water reduction, we have been able to turn the wash pen off. When we first put the scrubber in we went from washing every cow every time she went into the parlor for 3 minutes on & off with intervals in between, we dropped that to 25 seconds then turned that off so we only wash once a week.

We are on city water, so we spend a lot of money on water so we were able to reduce that significantly every month, the scrubber takes care of keeping the cows clean, so that was a good part of it.