We take pride in working with you!

We take pride in what we do, because we do it honestly. We are honest, hard-working people, and we believe that the key to success is commitment. This is why we try our best every day to meet your needs and build a product that will make you a proud Puli-sistem customer.

Research means a lot to us, we are constantly trying to improve our products and make them better for you.

Our history began in 1989, when young and dynamic Giuliano Vecchia invented the first machine ever for dairy cows teats hygiene: “PULI-MAMM il lava capezzoli” (the teats cleaner).
Success was immediate, so much so that Giuliano decided to sell his cows and throw himself into this new experience.

In 1992, two versions of the system were launched:

  • S2, the first teat scrubber that combined water and sanitizer in order to get the highest levels of teat hygiene
  • C1, a teat scrubber mounted on a battery-charged mobile cart, perfect for tie-stall barns”.

In 1997, it’s the turn of the F50, manufactured with new materials and new brushes, and also powered by an 24V motor instead of 220V to increase the system’s safety, performance and durability.
Given the big customer retention in the Italian market we decided to introduce our company all over the world. Greece, France, Denmark, Spain and Mexico are the first countries where our machine was sold. In 2005 also the Saudi Royal Family choosed the F50 for their farms in Suadi Arabia.
In 2008 we made a considerable qualitative leap with the invention of F60 TOP: a renewed edition of F50, that shows a new control panel with a PLC, a new software and a dispenser for the sanitizer. The same year we advertised also the version with two brushes: the F60 MAXI.

Our efforts, intuition and professionalism have been rewarded worldwilde, we have deserved:

  • 1989 the Gold Medal for innovative product in FieraAgricola Verona, Italy
  • 2004 the Prince Philip Award in Great Britain
  • 2006 the first prize in the Concurso de Innovacion Tecnologica in Silleda, Spain

Furthermore, in 2005 Puli-sistem presented a research on the F50 at the National Mastitis Council Congress in Orlando, Florida.

Since more than 10 years we exhibit in the best world agri show as:

  • World Dairy Expo, Madison WI, USA
  • World AG Expo, Tulare CA, USA
  • EuroTier, Hannover, DE
  • Space, Rennes, FR
  • Agrishow, Riberao Preto, BR
  • Agrofarm, Moscow, RU
  • Belagro, Minsk, BY
  • Animalia, Istanbul, TK
  • Agrame, Dubai, UAE

So nowadays our systems are installed throughout Europe, Belarus, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Japan, Korea, Australia, Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil and Chile.

We are always investing in the research and the development of new solutions. Since 1989 we are proud to say: Puli-sistem, one step ahead of everyone else! And remember: 30 years of experience do make a difference!